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List of SEO Offerings

A search engine optimization campaign is nothing without a return on investment. Based on initial research, we believe that by implementing the strategy above, we can bring your company to the forefront of search engine visibility.


  • Correcting website structures that are limiting search engines' abilities to understand why your company is the leader in its industry

  • Improving page speed

  • Conduct competitive analysis and dive into your industry to discover and outline a content marketing strategy to create structured, systematic output of search engine optimized content to gain visibility.

  • Initiating outreach and press release copywriting and distribution to get other websites mentioning your website, which search engines tend to reward with higher rankings.


  • SEO Optimization




While there are a variety of competitors that offer comparable services to your company, few are as efficient.  This provides your company an opportunity to capitalize.




Here's how we will benchmark success:


Internet Marketing Pros will provide a pre-SEO report to identify where your company currently stands in the rankings. We can use this report to compare future success against.


  • Google Analytics will be confirmed or installed. This will allow visibility into the website traffic improvements as the SEO campaign progresses.

  • Recurring ranking reports will be automatically provided to Your company to ensure transparency about the progress of their campaign.

Website Analysis

  • Competitive landscape analysis

  • Initial research of keywords to target

  • Finalize keywords

  • Run initial, pre-SEO reports

  • Start outreach/link building mapping

Initiate On-Page Optimization

  • Install Google Analytics or review existing

  • Install Google Search Console or review existing

  • Begin content optimization

  • Clean up code

  • Update head data

    • Title Tags

    • Meta Data

  • Detoxification of historical backlinks

Finalization of On-Page Optimization

  • Finalize existing content optimization

  • Image optimization and compression

  • URL and navigation structure updates

Cross-linking and anchor text

Validating On-Page Optimization

  • Confirm optimized URL structures

  • Confirm optimized content

  • Confirm optimized head data

    • Title Tags

    • Meta Data

  • Confirm cross-linking and anchor text

  • Confirm image alt tag updates

  • Confirm initial sitemap

  • Confirm outreach/backlinking acquisition

First press release draft and distribution

On-Going SEO

  • Continued outreach and backlink acquisition

  • On-page copywriting

  • Campaign-specific media creation, when applicable (infographics, videos, etc.)

  • Press release copywriting

  • Press release distribution

  • Continual analytics review

  • SEO progress reports




Keyword research

We want you to do more than just rank on page 1. We want you to rank for words that you can monetize for an ROI.

Initial setup and systems integrations

Track results right from the beginning so you can easily and transparently benchmark future success.

On-page optimization

Ensure that your site has a solid foundation for ongoing SEO to be built upon:

Site structure audits/corrections, HTML enhancements, XML sitemap confirmation/submission, robots.txt configuration, proper cashing configuration, lossless image compression, proper internal cross-linking/anchor text, etc.

Schema Addition/Suggestions

Don’t let search engines guess why you are great. Schema additions tell search engines what your website offers.

De-dupe duplicate content
Ensure that your site has no content sourced from other websites that could cause you a duplicate content penalty.

Content calendar creation and initial copywriting
We will develop a content calendar so you can illustrate to search engines why you’re an authority in your industry.

Authoritative interview distribution
Increase brand awareness and credibility by being featured in front of entrepreneurs as a success story.

Responsive (“Mobile Friendly”) Audit

Your website’s mobile-friendliness, or lack of, is a confirmed ranking factor. Ensure mobile friendliness with our audit.

Backlink audit
Clean up any bad links from other sites that may be causing a Google penalty and decrease in rankings.

N.A.P. (Name, Address, Phone) enhancements

We will claim, clean up, and consolidate your N.A.P across major data aggregators for improved brand credibility.



Outreach/Link building

N.A.P. monitoring and updates

On-page content generation

Infographic creation and distribution

Video creation and distribution

Press release copywriting and distribution

Site structure reports and ranking reports

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